SerialBook Really handy:
I always forget when warranty periods end so this app puts the info right in my pocket. It's also a good idea to have the serial numbers of your gear listed for insurance so that is covered too. Straightforward to use and genuinely useful. A great app.
Andy Woollard, England

SerialBook: Pretty Good Start.
Good work twoCODERS! Keep em coming. I like the simplicity of the application. Here are three suggestions for new features - a category field (computer, appliance, bike, etc.), warranty length (1 year, 2 year, 3 year, etc.), and icon to show when the warranty period is nearing completion (requires the warranty length to be implemented).
neptunexp, USA

SerialBook: The best app 4 me
This app is the best way to keep track of all warranty related products.
Julio cabral, Canada

SerialBook: Nifty app
Useful little application for keeping track of my fleet of Macs, iPhone and iPod.
Wychwood, Canada

SerialBook: Brilliant
Excellent start. Can't wait to see what these guys have up their sleeves. 5 starts. (Hint Hint: Export or Email feature)
fpatten, Canada

SerialBook: Saved me tons of time!
Great little app! Hope to see more features in the future!
Velourium, Canada

SerialBook: Must have app... worth every penny.
AWESOME application. Looking forward to more apps from Two Coders.
Sheldon Barretto, Canada